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viol concerts and recitals
viol concerts and recitals

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In the firm and sensitive hands of Alison Crum - one of the world's best players of the gamba - the instrument showed itself to be capable of an extraordinary range of expressiveness, much of it charged with powerful emotion... accomplished with the utmost style and grace.

Adelaide Advertiser, Australia

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As a soloist, Alison Crum is available to give recitals, with or without continuo instruments, and can offer a wide range of music for one, two, and three viols. Her large collection of instruments and versatility as a player allows programmes to be tailored to the wishes of individual promoters. Her repertoire includes music by such composers as Ortiz, Rogniono, Hume, Jenkins, Simpson, Schenk, Marais, Couperin, Bach, Telemann and Abel.

Alison is most often accompanied by Roy Marks, who plays lutes, theorbo and viols, as well as keyboard instruments. They can be joined by other viol players to include the wide repertory of music for three viols, and Alison is also happy to play with singers or other instrumentalists.

Some sample programmes are shown below...

A Spagna in the Works

See here for more details about this programme, played on copies of early Italian viols and lute, and including some of the earliest solo music for viol, centred on the works of Diego Ortiz, and including both virtuosic and plaintive divisions on sixteenth century madrigals.

Whatever happened to the Viol?

An entertaining lecture recital with Roy Marks, tracing the 300 year history of the viol from its beginnings in the late 15th century and using a wide selection of instruments from probably the largest collection of copies in the world.

The Virtuoso Viol

A programme of music for two and three viols, with and without plucked continuo, including some of the most virtuosic music for viols: dazzling divisions from England, sonorous sonatas from Germany and sumptuous suites from France, using a variety of different viols appropriate to the music.

viol music - recital and concerts
viol music - recital and concerts - Alison and Roy

Latest Recitals

A Spagna in the Works: Performed on Monday 26th April 2021

The modestly gentle sonority of domestic music-making in the Renaissance quietly belies compositions of unsurpassed musical skill. Featuring music that centres upon the Italian Renaissance, both pleasantly light and seriously profound, this programme draws the listener into worlds that are almost unimaginable, and certainly almost forgotten.

Highlights from the recent concert


Cocktail Concerts

Two online Cocktail Concerts promoted by King’s Lynn Festival as part of their Winter series.
Alison Crum (early viols) and Roy Marks (lute)

A Spagna in the Works:

A programme of some of the earliest instrumental settings and madrigals which survive today. Dating from the 15th and early 16th centuries, many were based on pre-existing melodies.

Performed on Thursday 10 December 2020

A Ground in the Air:

A programme of mid 16th century instrumental works and madrigals. Some of these are composed over a repeating sequence of chords, such as the Passamezzo, while others are based on famous madrigals of the time.

Performed on Thursday 18 February 2021

The Rose Consort of Viols

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The Rose Consort of Viols

Photo by Steve Hudson

Alison Crum also invites enquiries about the Rose Consort of Viols - the group with which she and Roy Marks most often play.

One of the world’s foremost and long-established viol consorts, the Rose Consort have sold over 70,000 CDs of viol consort music. They offer concert programmes with four to six viol players, and may be joined by one or more singers, and/or a lutenist or organist, depending on the programme.

well-nigh flawless… Restrained, refined readings, informed by a deep understanding of the viol and its repertoire. BBC Music Magazine

For more details on The Rose Consort of Viols please click here to visit their website.

The Rose Consort combine an entrancing ear for line and texture with great beauty of sound and suppleness of phrase....
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