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The Viol Rules

It is more than thirty years since Alison Crum wrote her first seminal book Play the Viol. The Viol Rules is a detailed analysis drawn from many years of teaching the viol in music colleges, universities and on courses around the world, updating and expanding on many of the topics first discussed in Play the Viol.

The Viol Rules is also now available in French

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Play the Viol

The complete guide to playing the treble, tenor and bass viol by Alison Crum with Sonia Jackson.

This book on the viol, its technique and possibilities, is exhaustive and informative, methodically arranged, and completed with excellent appendices and figures... a valuable contribution to our knowledge of viol technique
Jordi Savall, Barcelona

The book provides the beginner with a complete guide to viol technique and the experienced player with a wealth of information not available elsewhere
Wieland Kuijken, Brussels

First published by Oxford University Press in 1989 (Hardback).
Since then it has been reprinted many times in paperback, and is still available as Print on Demand.
ISBN 0-19-816311-8

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First Solos

For treble, tenor and bass viols
(three books)

This collection of 65 pieces aims to provide the beginner with a variety of graded pieces from the 15th to 17th centuries. Each piece includes suggestions for bowing and fingering, and/or other technical advice.

Originally published by Oxford University Press, these books are now published by Corda Music, CMP 460,450 and 440.

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Intermediate Solos

Solos for treble, tenor and bass viols
(three books).

Designed to follow on from the First Solos, each book provides solo pieces, mostly with continuo, in a variety of styles, giving the player an introduction to the range of solo music for each instrument.

Also published by Corda Music CMP 432a, 432b and 432c.

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Pièces de Résistance

Difficult excerpts from the bass viol repertoire, all in facsimile, and grouped into 10 sections requiring various techniques such as slurred crossings, big leaps, quick notes, etc.
50 excerpts, each with a commentary and technical advice.

Corda Music CMP 473

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Consorts for Five
Book 4

A collection of consort music for viols, complied and edited by Alison Crum.

This book includes 12 pieces, most of which are not otherwise published in playing editions. The score provides some general technical advice concerning bowing and fingering, and, for each piece, background information and performance suggestions are included. Parts have alternative clefs where appropriate.

Rondo Publishing RP086

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