As a soloist, Alison Crum is available to give recitals, with or without continuo-instruments, and can offer a wide range of music for one, two, and three viols. Her large collection of instruments and versaltility as a player allows programmes to be tailored to the wishes of individual promoters. Her repertoire includes music by such composers as Ortiz, Rogniono, Hume, Jenkins,Simpson, Schenk, Marais, Couperin, Bach, Telemann and Abel.

Some sample programmes are shown below...

Alison is most often accompanied by Roy Marks, who plays lutes, theorbo and viols, as well as keyboard instruments. They are often joined by viol players,Susanna Pell or Andrew Kerr, to include the wide repertory of music for three viols, but Alison is also happy to give unaccompanied recitals, or to join with singers or other instrumentalists.

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Whatever Happened to the viol?
An entertaining lecture recital with Roy Marks, tracing the 300 year history of the viol from its beginnings in the late 15th century and using a wide selection of instruments from probably the largest collection of copies in the world.

The Virtuoso Viol
A programme of music for two and three viols, with and without plucked continuo, including some of the most virtuosic music for viols: dazzling divisions from England, sonorous sonatas from Germany and sumptuous suites from France, using a variety of different viols appropriate to the music.

The Mediterranean Viol
Played on copies of early Italian viols and lute, this programme includes some of the earliest solo music for viol, centred on the works of Diego Ortiz, and including both virtuosic and plaintive divisions on sixteenth century madrigals, by such rarely heard composers as Dalla Casa and Rognioni.