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Play the Viol - the complete guide to playing the treble, tenor and bass viol by Alison Crum with Sonia Jackson.

ì...a valuable contribution to our knowledge of viol technique" Jordi Savall, Barcelona.

First published by Oxford University Press in 1989. Since then it has been reprinted 4 times, including paperback.

ISBN 0-19-816311-8

First Solos - for treble, tenor and bass viol
(three books)

These give the beginner a collection of graded pieces which are cross-referenced with (but independent from) the book Play the Viol.

Originally published by Oxford University Press, these books are now published by Corda Music, CMP 460,450 and 440.

Intermediate Solos - for treble, tenor and bass viols
(three books)

Designed to follow on from the First Solos, each book provides solo pieces, mostly with continuo, in a variety of styles, giving the player an introduction to the range of solo music for each instrument.

Also published by Corda Music CMP 432a, 432b and 432c.

Pieces de Resistance - Difficult excerpts from the bass viol repertoire Corda Music CMP 473