Alison Crum invites enquiries about the groups with which she most often plays.


Musica Antiqua of London
Philip Thorby (Director)

Musica Antiqua of London is one of Britain's most exciting groups specialising in the performance of Renaissance music. The group is modelled on the court bands of the sixteenth century, with their blend of virtuosity and versatility: all the players are experts on a wide variety of Renaissance instruments, including viols, recorders, lute, guitar and harp, as well as the more raucous crumhorns, rebecs, shawms and sackbut. Musica Antiqua is one of the few groups in the world to use renaissance viols, playing on specially commissioned matched sets of viols and recorders which are copied from sixteenth century originals.

"Some of the most elegant and delicate playing I have heard in many years" - The Times

"This is a magical ensemble of poise and great musical sensitivity" - Yorkshire Post

For more details on Musica Antiqua please click here to visit their website.

The Rose Consort of Viols

One of the worlds foremost and long established viol consorts, they have sold over 70,000 CDs of viol consort music. They offer concert programmes with from four to six viol players, and may be joined by a singer, lutenist or organist.

"The Rose Consort combine an entrancing ear for line and texture with great beauty of sound and suppleness of
phrase...." - CD Review

For more details on The Rose Consort of Viols please click here to visit their website.